Plastic Surgery is not for the rich alone – Dr. Femi Oladeji, LekkiHill

He further stated that when surgical procedures are done right and safety is considered first before beauty, it limits the rate of mortality.
“For example if somebody has diabetes and there is no deliberate step to control the diabetes first, then there is no surgery.
“Sometimes, some of them do not know they have these issues until they get here and because we are following standard by checking all traits, that is when they discover that they are hypertensive, diabetes etc for the first time. Someone who is so obese and feels it is just to go to LekkiHill And they would lose weight would be adequately advised.”
Speaking on the privacy policy for patients and keeping their identity anonymous, Dr. Femi stated that the hospital has a zero-tolerance for breach of privacy. 
“Nigerians, especially very high and top persons, prefer to go abroad for cosmetic surgery, because they feel nobody will know they have done it. At LekkiHill, we take the privacy of clients seriously.
“What is more important to us is the happiness of our clients and not taking glory that we executed the job, so we take our clients privacy very seriously. What we prime is the excellent service we offer and the joy of our clients. We do not compromise that in any away.”